Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birmingham is one of the most dangerous to live in. In the past year it has been 70 murders and most of those murders are unsolved. Majority of these murders are still out in the streets. While families are still mourning the lost of their loved ones. I often asked myself, How could these people live with theirselves? Many of the people who kill innocent people over materialistic possessions do not have any Christ in them. These murders need to be caught. Birmingham crime rate is sky rocketing. The people who are getting killed did not even live the violent life. African American males are just killing their own people. A lot of these murders kill over jealousy issues. In my own personal life my brother was ambushed on June 20th 2009 while trying to get back my sister's stolen property. He was 22 years old and a student at University Alabama. My brother murder is still unsolved he was the 17 slaying in birmingham and since then it have sky rocketed to 70 and half of the murders are unsolved. We have to bring these murders to justice. we owe these families closure. Parents can not sleep at night because the are up worrying who killed my child!!!! Who did this to my child!!!! Why would you do this to my child!!!!! these questions are unanswerd for Parents...... Lets make the situation a lil bit better by bringing these murders to justice, Please call Crime Stoppers!!!